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Descaling Service

We have industrial qualified engineers and chemists to give our customers the very best in technology and improve the production processes with high quality water. Managed by a team of engineers, We understands your high quality water needs in manufacturing and production process.

Our Service includes:

               Boiler Water Pipe Cleaning and Overhaul

               Boiler Pipe Thickness Measurement

               Condenser Water Pipe Cleaning / Descaling

               Chilled Water Pipe Cleaning / Descaling

Most industries that use water for critical processes need high quality water. Ordinary water may contain hardness and other minerals, biological contaminants, decayed vegetation, chlorine, turbidity, and dissolved gases, any of which can interfere with manufacturing and production. All of these contaminants can be the cause of scaling in the vessel or in the tubes. That scaling could harm your production and the device itself.




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