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Brief Introduction

The steam generators heaters are made with coils made of seamless tubes, where the feed water is preheated and evaporated during the flow through these. The heat is transferred to the water/steam mixture as radiant heat in the combustion chamber, where the inner cylindrical tube coil and a flat tube coil forms the chamber wall and the bottom respectively. Consequently refractory concrete is avoided. The combustion gasses are hereafter cooled in the outer convection part, as the gasses pass the space between the two tube coils. The thermal design ensures a modest volume of steam relative to the size of the heater, and allows unlimited thermal expansion due to the high temperatures.

The pressure part are designed as standard up to 40 bar pressure although operation pressure might between 3 - 10 barg.

This industrial type steam generator is a forced circulation water tube boilers. Unlike the conventional 3-pass steam boilers (fire/smoke tube boiler), the water in the steam generators contains a very small water and steam volume (content of the pressure vessel inside the tube). This gives a lot of advantages:

The steam generators are delivered in the range 100 - 1,000 kg/h steam at 3 bar and all the way up to 10 bars (for special applications). These complete units are easy to install and does not require any special foundation, but can be place directly on a concrete floor. Rapid start-up time down to 2-3 minutes on the smaller sizes.


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