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Electronic Services

Electronic services include all kinds of services provided in the electronics industry. These services are usually related to manufacturing, assembling, designing, repairing, supporting, testing and installation of the various electronic items like consumer electronic goods, computers, intercoms, power supplies, audio-video equipment, home surround systems and even high tech electronic equipments used in telecommunications, video communications, banking systems, Industrial machines and information technology. These services also include molding, packaging, printing and certification of electronic items.

 According to the different areas in which services are provided they can be classified as electronic manufacturing services, electronic repair service, electronic support services, ITES services, electronic testing services, semiconductor services

Electronic Repair Services

We are offering Electronic repair services include overhauling, repairing, troubleshooting and warranty of electronic equipments. Certain components of electronic devices develop wear and tear over a period of time and need repairing. These items are first tested and then repaired by our qualified team. We are offering the services for Electrical and Electronic Devices, such as AC/DC Drives, AC/DC Motors, Power Supplies, PLC’s and other Electronic Cards.



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